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I create forms and worlds out of small repeating dots, finding inspiration from recurring patterns in nature. One such pattern is that which appears in tree branches, neurons and river networks. Another is the pattern of things in motion such as flocks of birds, schools of fish and seeds scattered by wind. The forms that emerge contain combinations of botanical, animal and human elements.


The use of small repeating dots as building blocks was inspired by the experience of drinking tea and seeing beautiful images in the specks of tea grounds at the bottom of the cup. By working this way, I aim to depict the ephemeral nature of everything in the physical world and its continuous cycle of creation and dissolution.  The dots could represent seeds, subatomic particles or interstellar dust.  
References for forms reaching towards each other include Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, the synaptic gap between neurons and mother birds feeding chicks. A jagged line extending out of a form relates to the flagellum of microorganisms. Many of my compositions in which forms occupy a narrow confined space are influenced by the arrangement of relief sculptures in Greek temple pediments.


The circles, while used originally because of the circular framing of the cup around the tea grounds, have taken on multiple meanings from a portal into another realm, such as the view through a microscope or telescope to celestial bodies.