Artist Statement

In my paintings, I create abstract forms that fuse human, animal and botanical elements, using small dots as building blocks. The idea of building forms out of dots was inspired by worlds glimpsed in the tea grounds at the bottom of a cup. By building forms this way, I aim to show the ephemeral and interconnected nature of all things, in the way that everything is composed of the same constantly recycling atoms.

Although the use of circles originated from the circular framing of the cup around the tea grounds, they have taken on additional meanings from celestial bodies to the view through a microscope or telescope with the dots representing elements such as microscopic organisms, seeds or interstellar dust.  Patterns in nature are another major inspiration, especially that which recurs in tree branches, neurons and river networks.


I always start my process with a small study in watercolor and gouache and then paint larger scale with acrylics on canvas and panel.

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