Artist Statement

In my paintings, I use dots as building blocks to create imagery that ranges from minimalist abstraction to complex biomorphic forms that fuse human, animal and botanical elements, exploring themes of unity, impermanence and the cycle of creation. I also use the dots to suggest communication between forms.

The inspiration to use dots  this way came from the discovery of beautiful images in the specks of tea grounds at the bottom of a cup. Through this process, I seek to emphasize the unity underlying all things, by virtue of everything being composed of the same essential building blocks, i.e. atoms, subatomic particles and ultimately, as described by string theorists, vibrating strings of energy. The pattern in nature that recurs in neurons, tree branches and river networks continuously intrigues me and I often incorporate it as a major motif and structural element.


I begin with small watercolor and acrylic studies on paper which I then expand into larger scale acrylics on canvas and panel.

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